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Paleo All Purpose Flour
  When people go grain free they may lament over not being able to have breads and bakery items any[...]
Gluten Free All Purpose Flour
  The first step in becoming gluten free is to get rid of gluten containing foods.  The most effective way[...]
Grain Free Baking Powder
Baking Powder, a simple baking ingredient, right?  We shall see. Numerous people with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance find they[...]
Gluten-free Paleo Bacon Mayo
I am currently testing out a meal plan for another blogger and it is paleo.  Some of the recipes use[...]
Bacon Brussels Sprout Gratin
Brussels sprouts were something I never tasted until I was an adult.  I think my mother didn't like them, so[...]
Divine Double Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate(Latin- Theobroma Cacaois; which means Food of the Gods), is loved by many, even to the point of being an obsession for[...]
Thanksgiving Pumpkin Scones
Oh, my gosh has it really been that long since I posted.  I am so sorry it has been that[...]
Gluten Free Season Salt
Being gluten free brings with it many challenges.  One of the challenges is that gluten can sneak into foods in[...]
Gluten Free Rhubarb Surprise
 Our family has a rhubarb patch across our drive way nestled under a couple of box elder trees.  I feel[...]
Celebrating Gluten Freedom on the 4th of July
I do not make big deals out of holidays. There are a few, however, that I do honor more than[...]
Gluten Free Southwest Jerk Salad
Eating gluten free can be challenging at times.  I am always in a quest for new an interesting meals.  We[...]
A Glorious Gluten Free Easter
It is that time of year, Easter.  Many are celebrating this holiday in various ways, Easter egg hunts, parties, or[...]
Hearty Breakfast Skillet
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  The term breakfast comes from break and fast.  We are breaking[...]
Gluten Free Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies
What do you do on a cold, blustery winter day when there is not enough snow to go out and[...]
Gluten Free Romance
Valentine's Day is just 2 days away.  Do you have your gift for your Valentine?  What better way to show[...]
Surviving Game Day Gluten Free
  Sunday is the big game day, Superbowl XLIX.  Many will be gathering with friends and family to see who[...]
Heal Your Gut
Celiac Disease (CD) is not curable, but it is manageable by eating a strict gluten free diet.  That may not[...]
Raspberry Layer Bars
January in Minnesota can be bitterly cold.  In fact today, over 300 schools closed because of severe windchill, -30 to[...]
Gluten Free Baklava
With Christmas just around the corner, many are attending holiday parties.  For those with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, these[...]
Are You Ready For a Gluten Free Thanksgiving? Part One
It is that time of year.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and then the holidays will be in full[...]
Gluten Free Apple Crisp
Coming soon:  A journal of cruising gluten free.  I had difficulty transferring pictures from my phone. I hope to post[...]
Gluten Free Italian Sausage
  When I went gluten free 6 years ago, I soon discovered that I also react severely to MSG.  It[...]
Yummy Pumpkin Bars
The days are getting shorter.  The wind is getting cooler.  The smell of wood smoke is in the air and[...]
Chocolate Lasagna
One of the hardest things about having intolerances to gluten, is when you want to celebrate with others.  Many times[...]