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Road to the Ultimate Gluten Free Lifestyle

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Ultimate Gluten Free Lifestyle.

Ellen L.

You neither notice, nor care, that Gluten isn't there!

Leanne's cooking is AMAZING! She researches and experiments until her recipes are full and flavorful, yet simple enough for even the newest beginner to make. And Taste? Every bite makes your mouth sing with sweet or savory. You neither notice nor care that the gluten isn't there.

This is what food should be!

Grain Free is the 'Gluten Free' that changed my life.

“Before changing my diet, I had very little energy and found myself gaining weight despite eating a typical Gluten Free diet. After Leanne helped me change my lifestyle, and keep myself on track - I have lost nearly 60 pounds in the last five months!

Now I have SO much more energy!

Caleb O.

About the Author

I once thought that my symptoms of constipation, bloating, and intestinal pain were normal. After years of believing this and with other health issues arising, I began more than a decade of effort, into discovering the true reasons behind it all. It has become my passion to help others shorten their time to heal.

My love of learning, lead me to continuous research into Celiac disease, gut health and healing. In my effort to help others, I began a gluten-free bakery in 2009, published a cookbook, and created a blog where I was able to provide information and recipes for those trying to navigate the gluten-free lifestyle. My family and I have been gluten-free since 2008.

When my health issues started to return 5 years ago, even though I was adhering to a strict gluten-free diet, the researcher in me went to work to uncover why I was not obtaining optimal health. My thirst for knowledge and understanding lead me to becoming a Certified Primal Health Coach which has helped me fulfill my passion to share the knowledge of how to set and achieve health goals with you and to help as many people as I can to find their Ultimate Gluten-free Lifestyle.

As a mother of 4 wonderful children, with a brilliant loving husband I have invested more than half my life to learning how to guide myself and others to obtaining their dreams. One of my other passions is to help others find the life they have always wanted and to learn to follow their dreams again. In pursuit of this passion I became a Certified Master Guide for the Master Key Experience, which allows me to guide others in following the compass of their heart.

I am excited to help others obtain vibrant health by going beyond just the typical gluten-free diet. I believe everyone can follow a gut healing diet and still enjoy amazingly delicious food.