Is Gluten Hiding in your Medication?

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Jul 09

Last week, my son woke up with stomach flu like symptoms.  Most mothers would just go to their medicine cabinets and grab the current popular remedy.  However, in a gluten free home, this may not be that simple.Many people are not aware of the fact that the could be gluten hiding in their medications.Medications

Many Over the Counter medications may contain gluten.  It is used as an expient.  An expient is an inactive ingredient that helps in the delivery of the active ingredients.  The most common expient is starch.  Since starch can be obtained from a variety of sources, some of which are corn, wheat, potato, or tapioca, caution should be taken unless the source is stated. Other expients used in medications are wheat, modified starch, pregelatinized starch, dextrates, caramel coloring, and dextrin.  If a medication uses a wheat derived expient it can trigger the same autoimmune response that ingesting gluten can. Inactive ingredient labels of medications can be ambiguous and the fact that they rarely come with prescriptions, we must be diligent and proactive.  We have to talk to the pharmacist and/or call the manufactures to confirm whether the ingredients in the medication are gluten free.  Once you know, you will still have to occasionally check and recheck since manufacturers may change formulas and the expients they use.  Another way gluten can get into your medications is not by the ingredients, but if the facility has gluten in it and cross contamination can occur.  Here is where you can find some a list of some drugs and their gluten status. So knowing that medications may contain gluten, what did I do about my son's flu symptoms?  I decided to make homemade ginger ale.  It was really simple and the best part, is I knew what exactly was in it.    Here is how I did it.  I took a chuck of fresh ginger root about 1/2″ in size, peeled it and then shredded it into a pan.  I added about 1 TBSP honey and about 1/2 C. water.  I simmered until it was reduced by half.  Then I put about half of the ginger syrup into a glass and added carbonated water we made using our soda stream.  Then it was ready.  So simple and tasted better than commercial ginger ale.

Why did I choose ginger ale?  Ginger has a whole host of health benefits, most of which aid the digestive tract.  Hree are several health benefits of ginger.ginger-health-benefits-uses

1. Stokes a dull appetite 2. Absorption/assimilation of nutrients 3. Clears microcircuatory channels, including the sinuses 4. Helps with nausea and air/morning sickness 5. Reduces flatulence 6.stomach cramps 7. anti-inflammatory 8. Ginger tea can eliminate throat and nose congestion 9. aphrodisiac properties 10. Protection against colorectal cancer 11. Boosts the immune system     Resources:

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