Gluten Free Christmas In July

By Leanne Overlander | Gluten Free Lifestyle

Jul 16

It has been crazy busy here this summer.  Not only with all the fresh produce in the garden needing to be attended to but some really exciting things as well.  I have been thinking about Christmas in July.  Well, actually Thanksgiving as well.  Even though it is hot and sweltry outside, those holidays will be upon us sooner than you think.  These can be the roughest times of the year for those with gluten intolerances.  So many dinner parties and festivities with dishes loaded with gluten. That is what I have been thinking about.  I can help you have a wonderful holiday season.  I have been working on a holiday cookbook to help you enjoy all the traditional holiday dishes gluten-free and not even tell that it is gluten-free.

Several years ago , my husband and I asked my sister-in-law, who was hosting Thanksgiving, if we could make everything gluten free and not tell anyone.  Guess what?  No one knew the difference.  I am sharing all those recipes and more in my holiday cookbook.  It will be available this fall.  It is currently going through its first edit but I would love your input on what you want to see in this holiday cookbook.  If you would comment below and let me know what you would like to see in the cookbook, I would love your input.  This is going to be a small cookbook, perfect for stocking stuffers and gift giving. If I don't use your suggestions for this cookbook, I may use it for the cookbook scheduled for publishing next year.  Please sign up for email notification so you can find out the latest on both cookbooks and be the first to know of when they are available.  Also I am going to be launching a Kickstarter soon, so stay  up to date on that as well by signing up for email notifications.

As always, thank you for your patience and support.  I am so excited to see things come together and to know soon I will be able to add another way I can help others lead the Ultimate Gluten Free Lifestyle.

About the Author

Classically trained in Biology and Genetics at the University of Minnesota St. Paul Biological Sciences campus. Gluten free for more than 5 years.