Gluten Free Bread Mark II

By BE Gluten Free | Experiements

Jul 20

Having discovered the amazing Almond Bread as if by divine guidance, we have taken our knowledge and posted comments on several GF blogs around the internet…  Attaching pictures of what GF bread SHOULD be has drawn quite a few requests for the bread recipe we use (or at least pleas to share the ‘secret' of how) to make GF bread that works like…well..BREAD.

In order to provide some of the knowledge we have gained through years of mistakes, without giving everything away (we are trying to switch over to make a living at this – we love it that much!) Leanne and I have decided to put together some of our experiences to help guide you on your way through discovery in gluten free baking…

Should you choose to accept this mission… there are a few guiding principles to follow:

First and fore most: NEVER add rice flours to your breads. They are simply the cheaper alternative (ie:'fillers') for commercial breads, and cause the bread to dry out and ‘stale' faster.

If there is one item we would love people to know it is this: there really is no ‘multipurpose' GF flour that truly works as a 1::1 replacement for regular wheat flours, some (even ours!) get very close…but we still have separate mix ratios for: pizza crusts, danishes, phyllo, doughnuts, pancakes, bread, and cakes/cookies…. no one ever said it was easy 😉

Second: once you HAVE a bread recipe (ie: bakers formula for making bread) measure BY WEIGHT for GF recipes.

We have yet to encounter a bread we have not been able to duplicate with this single habit (except maybe Croissants), braided breads are even possible with practice. GF flours are very sensitive to moisture and it will make a dramatic difference in your end product and how easy it is to work with…

Finally: the amounts ;)… the ‘secret' if you will…

Bread Mix 728g <== ultimately the secret we can't share, play with it…
Xanthan 14g
Eggs 300g
Brown Sugar 67g
Coconutoil 111g <== part A*
Citric Acid 3g
Salt 16g
Yeast 16g
Water 500 – 600g <== part B*
Parts A & B will need to be tweaked based on the flour blend that you use.
After that, treat the dough like you would any regular bread: 45 – 60 min rise, knockdown, pour into pan, 30 – 45 minute rise, bake according to the crust you want but typically a regular loaf is 55 minutes at 350 F.
If you have any additional questions or advice, please leave them in the comments below!

About the Author

Classically trained in Biology and Genetics at the University of Minnesota St. Paul Biological Sciences campus. Gluten free for more than 5 years.