Thank You God, for all the Zucchini and Tomatoes!

  Almost every year since I have been married, whether I was pregnant or toting a small child, I have planted a garden.  So far that has been 21 years.I have always felt a great fulfillment of bringing a seed all the way to the harvest and reaping the benefits of what the garden produced. […]

Chocolate Lasagna

One of the hardest things about having intolerances to gluten, is when you want to celebrate with others.  Many times those who need to eat gluten free feel isolated and deprived when they go to gatherings and they are not able to participate in eating the foods everyone else is eating.  I have been there […]

Gluten Free Diet and Weight Loss

Is eating a gluten free diet a good way to lose weight?  It depends on how you are eating gluten free.  If you are replacing your cookies, crackers, pastas and other carbohydrates for their gluten free counter parts, the answer is probably NO.   Simple carbohydrates are simple carbohydrates, and the body will recognize them […]


We are announcing our plans to publish a cookbook with our bread, cake, and pizza recipes as well as many, many more.  This is just in the beginning stages.  Stay tuned for updates on the cookbook progress. I was supposed to post an article today on gluten free diet and weight loss.  I apologize that […]

Is Gluten Hiding in your Medication?

Last week, my son woke up with stomach flu like symptoms.  Most mothers would just go to their medicine cabinets and grab the current popular remedy.  However, in a gluten free home, this may not be that simple.Many people are not aware of the fact that the could be gluten hiding in their medications. Many […]

Could Leaky Gut be Affecting Your Health?

The more I learn about the gut, the more I realize it’s connected to just about every area of the body… and just about every disease out there.  It is said the gut is the “Mother” of the body because of how it feeds everything from our brain to our skin, in the same way a mother […]

May is National Celiac Awareness Month

 Grass is getting greener, leaves are popping out everywhere and soon flowers will be in bloom.  Ah, Springtime. Coinciding with celebrating spring is, Celiac Awareness month.    I would like to take a little time and help me readers become aware of Celiac disease.  Celiac disease is genetic autoimmune digestive disease that damages the villi […]

Travelling for Dance Competition

    This past weekend, my daughters had a dance competition that took us away from home for the entire weekend.  We were spending the weekend in an unfamiliar city and in a hotel with no ability to cook our own foods.  How did we keep our gluten free lifestyle?  Eating away from home is […]