Bella Vista Offers Great Gluten Free Options

Many times as one who eats gluten free, eating out is not very exciting.  Most restaurants idea of gluten free is to strip the entrees of everything and serve an unseason meat and plain vegetables.  I can get more exciting than that at home, why would I pay for less than that somewhere else?  That […]

A History of Thanksgiving

Most of us are familiar with the tradition of a large baked bird claiming the honor at the Thanksgiving table.  And, whether it is Grandpa, Dad, Mom, or Uncle Fred that receives the honor of carving up “Turkey Tom’, the tradition of this annual meal is rumored to date back to the Pilgrims an their […]

Are You Ready for Thanksgiving Part 2

In this second part on preparing for a gluten free Thanksgiving,  I am going to discuss some of the traditional dishes and how to find gluten free substitutes or replace with even better options. Holiday traditional abound this time of the year and many begin with the Thanksgiving meal.  One of those traditions is the […]

Are You Ready For a Gluten Free Thanksgiving? Part One

It is that time of year.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and then the holidays will be in full swing.  This can be a a daunting time of year for those who are gluten free.  No one wants to go to a party and not have anything to eat because there was no safe […]